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We started The Functionist because we believe in the power of functional foods to nourish our bodies. We’re looking for partners who are truly passionate about  spreading the good word about functional foods. Sound like your cup of tea? We're always looking for like minded individuals who share our values. Sign our pledge and get in touch below if you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador or affiliate.

The Functionist Pledge:

I believe in nourishing my body with healthy, whole foods. I believe that the food we eat affects our health and the health of the planet. I believe in fact based decision-making, following the science, and in informing myself before informing others. I also believe that food is an expression of creativity and enjoying it is part of what it means to be human.

I commit to being informative and transparent in my communication. I commit to being a positive influence on people’s health by advocating for healthy choices and being honest about the difficulty of making them. I commit to advocating for the environment in the ways available to me, and to encouraging others to become advocates.

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