We’re a growing CPG company that creates whole-food based products delivered in a convenient format. We connect people to foods that are both nourishing to the body and the microbiome, and are produced in a way that is additive to the environment.

We Are Proudly

Our Impact

The Functionist is committed to the most environmentally efficient use of land, resources, and carbon intensity.

We continually seek suppliers that have a strong and transparent commitment to the highest social and environmental standards. As our operations grow, we strive to work with our suppliers, customers, and employees to continually improve these purchasing decisions.

We're committed to making a difference and are proudly a 1% For The Planet company. 1% of our Annual Sales are donated to The Nature Conservancy. The Functionist is also a PENDING Certified B Corporation.

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Want to learn more about how we're changing the world? Visit our parent company's website: turas-mara.com