Mushroom Iced Tea 🫖🍄🍃

Mushroom Iced Tea 🫖🍄🍃

Mushroom iced tea? Don’t mind if we do 🫖

Our current favorite afternoon ✨treat✨- a refreshing, energizing pick me up with our favorite tea (we’re loving the summery buzz of Wild Sweet Orange) plus the power of mushrooms. Check out the recipe below & let us know your favorite way to iced tea!

Tea bag (or premade iced tea)
1/2 teaspoon mushroom powder
Mint or lemon for garnish

🫖 Prepare your tea as you would normally
🍄 Once the tea is done steeping, add the mushroom powder and mix well.
🧊 Pour over ice and add garnish.
Sip & enjoy your happy gut!

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