Cheesy Mushroom Quesadilla 🧀🍄🙌

Cheesy Mushroom Quesadilla 🧀🍄🙌

Who doesnt love a good cheesy Quesadilla? 🍄 🤝 

The gooey, cheesy comfort food you want, paired with the gut & brain boosting effects of mushrooms. This is the perfect fix to your Sunday scaries 😋

- quesadilla (or two)
- cheese
- filing of your choice (we went with roasted peppers & onions)
- The Functionist Organic 10 Mushroom blend

- heat a well seasoned cast iron skillet
- while the skillet is heating up, layer your cheese, fillings, & mushroom powder in your tortilla.
- fold the tortilla & move to the skillet to cook. let sear on both sides for several minutes
- serve & enjoy your happy gut!
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