The Long Road to a Superior Mushroom Blend

The Long Road to a Superior Mushroom Blend

Turas Mara means long journey. What does that have to do with a proprietary blend of powdered mushrooms formulated to support the immune system and gut health? Turas Mara is the parent company of The Functionist.

Turas Mara Values-Driven Mission 

Turas Mara provides funding for sustainable companies that focus on a positive, measurable environmental impact. We are values-based investors who strive to do the right thing, put people first and change the way people do business and interact with the world. We work with companies making an impact on soil health, land and water use and quality and food, food lifecycles and post-consumer food waste.

So, when it came time to put our values into action, we did.

Turning Values Into Action

As Turas Mara looked at investing in sustainable food, water and agriculture companies, we realized that we should build out a functional foods element, an entrepreneurial arm of our company that sets new standards.

The Birth Of The Functionist 

With The Functionist, we’re putting our mushrooms (and our money) where our mouths are.

We are big believers in the power of mushrooms to support our immune systems and boost gut health. As we searched for a functional foods company to invest with, we couldn’t find one that lined up with our values, so we started one.

The Functionist Mission

The Functionist connects people to foods nourishing to the body and creates high-quality, environmentally-friendly products that are kind to the environment. We are a pending Certified B-Corporation and a proud member of 1% for the Planet. That means at least 1% of our profits annually go to The Nature Conservancy.

We hope you’ll give our organic mushroom blend a try. We don’t use tricky sales tactics, we’re all about integrity and transparency. You’re going to buy our products because you like them and you’re ready to put your dollars to work for your body and for the health of the planet.


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