Mushrooms in your coffee? Yes, here’s why

Mushrooms in your coffee? Yes, here’s why

Butter, salt, eggs, collagen powder -- people have been adding extras to their morning cup of coffee for ages. But mushrooms? If you’re picturing a white button mushroom bobbing in your favorite mug, think again.

Mushrooms are on many people’s “Top 10 Most Hated Foods” lists. So, it’s no surprise that most people couldn’t imagine adding mushrooms to their coffee (or tea or smoothies). However, mushrooms are packed full of antioxidants, beta-glucans, fiber, polyphenols and other properties that can make a real and positive difference in your well-being.

If you’re among the mushroom haters, we see you. Thankfully, we’re not asking anyone to eat even one mushroom! In fact, with a powdered mushroom blend, it’s unlikely you’ll even know you’re anywhere near a mushroom. But your body will thank you.


While there have been limited clinical studies on the health effects of mushroom powder, the promising results are leading to increased interest and additional attention. Initial studies appear to support the fact that mushroom powder offers a positive immune response.

As studies continue, people who enjoy a scoop or two of mushroom powder in their coffee, tea, soup or even sprinkled on their lunch report an improvement in gut health due to the increase in fiber and an energy boost due to the adaptogenic properties of mushrooms.

People hoping to feel better and get that little extra glow are giving mushroom powder a try and discovering the benefits.

If something is missing and you’re looking for a boost, give mushroom powder a try. BUT, there are a lot of options out there, so it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole trying to find the best supplement for you.

How to choose the right powdered mushroom supplement for you

  • Different mushrooms have a variety of beneficial properties, so supplements often offer a blend of a few. Look for a blend that maximizes the number of mushrooms, not just two or three, so you maximize the benefits.
  • Don’t accept any preservatives or fillers. They’re not necessary. If your supplement requires additional chemicals to keep it shelf stable for years, it’s not a good fit.
  • Pay attention to where the mushrooms are coming from. Many brands market mushroom supplements as “traditional Chinese medicine” and sell the products with gorgeous photos of sweeping panoramas from Mongolia. However, without some sort of verification, there’s no guarantee what you’re getting is even mushrooms, much less that they came from a reputable source in Asia.
  • Look for a third-party verification for safety and quality to ensure someone neutral is looking out for you, not a marketing department trying to convince you to spend money on their product.
  • Go organic. Not only are organic farming methods better for the environment, organic mushrooms aren’t coated with synthetic pesticides and only utilize natural soil amendments. If you’ve ever picked a mushroom, you know the soil they grow in is a critical element. The healthier the soil, the safer and more nutrient-dense the mushroom will be.

It is extremely difficult to find mushroom supplements made from mushrooms grown in the United States. Most companies will claim it’s too expensive. Don’t believe them, what they really mean is the health and wellness of their customers isn’t worth investing in a U.S.-grown product. That’s why we created The Functionist.

We were interested in a mushroom supplement for ourselves. We looked all over for a safe, organic mushroom powder with a verifiable source in the U.S. and just didn’t find anything that fit the bill. So we created it ourselves.

That’s right. We’re so obsessed with quality, sustainability and safety that we sourced organic mushrooms in the United States and work with a third-party verification organization so you don’t just have to take our word for the claims we make.

Our mushroom blend is certified organic and we even contribute at least one percent of our annual sales to environmental causes as proud members of One Percent for the Planet.

Best of all, organic mushroom blend from The Functionist makes us feel good so we put a scoop in our morning coffee. And in smoothies. And it’s really, really good in ramen.

When you’re ready to try a mushroom supplement, give ours a try. It starts with one mushroom, but it can impact your whole body and the entire planet. 

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