Multifunctional mushrooms: One of the top functional foods

Multifunctional mushrooms: One of the top functional foods

Functional Foods Defined

Functional foods are those that can have a beneficial effect on your health going beyond typical nutrition. People have been eating fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut for centuries. Considered functional foods, these staples are beneficial for gut health and help improve digestion.

When we first started investigating functional foods, we added a number of them to our diets. The one that really intrigued us were mushrooms. Lots of initial, promising studies and so much potential. We wanted to give mushroom powder a try, but couldn’t find one that was organic, grown in the U.S., minimally processed and third-party verified for safety -- good for us and mindful of the planet. So, we created The Functionist.

We worked hard to ensure our Organic Mushroom Blend highlights the best of each mushroom so our bodies can reap the maximum rewards. Research around the benefits of mushroom supplements and compounds is limited and still in its early stages, but it is promising. So we’re willing to take a chance that we’re only going to learn more and greater things about what mushroom supplements can do for us.

We’d like to introduce you to the mushrooms in our Organic Mushroom Blend from The Functionist.

Meet The Mushrooms 

We'd like to introduce you to the remarkable mushrooms that make up our Organic Mushroom Blend:

  1. Antrodia: Early studies suggest anti-inflammatory properties and potential therapeutic uses
  2. Himematsutake (Agaricus Blazei): Rich in beta-glucans, these fungi show promise in supporting the immune system and combating inflammation and allergies
  3. Chaga: Renowned for its antioxidants, chaga mushrooms are under study for immune activation and potential cancer treatment
  4. Cordyceps Militaris: These unique orange mushrooms hold significant potential for the immune, cardiovascular, renal systems, and anti-cancer properties.
  5. King Trumpet: Packed with antioxidants, these mushrooms may support the immune system and hormone balance
  6. Lion’s Mane: With benefits for the nervous system, brain, and eyes, lion's mane is being studied for its effects on memory.
  7. Maitake and Shiitake: This combination enhances the immune system according to researchers
  8. Reishi: Long considered a super immune booster, research has found significant promise of reishi in the treatment of cancer.
  9. Turkey Tail: We saved the best for last -- it’s called a turkey tail mushroom because it looks just like a turkey’s tail, proudly fanned out. And, according to the National Cancer Institute, compounds found in the mushroom can significantly improve outcome and life expectancy for cancer patients.








We believe in evidence-based decisions and following scientific research. While we're not medical professionals, we understand that adding Organic Mushroom Blend from The Functionist may not directly prevent or cure diseases. However, the collective potential of these multifunctional mushrooms is nothing short of remarkable.

Experience the nourishing power of our Organic Mushroom Blend. Whether it's a scoop in your morning coffee, a blend in your smoothies, or a sprinkle in your lunchtime soup. 

We feel nourished. We hope you will too.

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