We believe in nourishing ourselves with plants, that food is medicine, and the microbiome is the cornerstone to living a healthy life.

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The Functionist Difference

We are committed to the most environmentally efficient use of land, resources and carbon, while creating nutritious, functional food that nurture the body and microbiome. We partner with nutritionists and chefs to create gut friendly recipes that are both delicious and great for you and the environment!

  • Enhance Your Smoothies

  • Upgrade Your Coffee

  • Add to Your Recipes

  • Boost Your Sauces

The proof is in the powder

  • Easy Immune Boosting Morning Coffee

    I have been adding this to my coffee every morning and I love it! It’s so easy to get in some extra immune boosting mushrooms. Mixes nicely with warm and cold water. I’m not even able to even taste it! 5 stars!!!

    —Natalie McGlade

  • Great Supplement

    Prefect for smoothies and drinks... Very convenient way to get your mushroom benefits.... There is no added flavoring so it tastes as expected but only requires a small amount for great benefit... I add to smoothies and lattes and tastes great without hindering your drinks flavor.

    —Kiki Greene

  • Lives up to its ad.

    I have replaced my morning coffee with this and am very happy!! Great flavor and easy to use not just first cup of the day but throughout the day as well.

    —Alan Grant

  • Use everyday in my coffee

    Awesome product really works. I used it for gut loss & I can tell a difference.


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