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We believe in nourishing ourselves with plants, that food is medicine, and the microbiome is the cornerstone to living a healthy life.

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We are committed to the most environmentally efficient use of land, resources and carbon, while creating nutritious, functional food that nurture the body and microbiome. We partner with nutritionists and chefs to create gut friendly recipes that are both delicious and great for you and the environment!

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Easy Immune Boosting Morning Coffee
I have been adding this to my coffee every morning and I love it! It’s so easy to get in some extra immune boosting mushrooms. Mixes nicely with warm and cold water. I’m not even able to even taste it! 5 stars!!!
— Natalie McGlade
Functional & Effective!
I've been taking functional mushrooms on and off for over 3-years, primarily for immunity and focus. I initially started taking a Lion's Mane supplement but found that there is much more that a blend of mushrooms offers and this product had everything I was looking for.

I typically add mushrooms into my afternoon smoothie or protein shake but will add them into my coffee in the morning if I've got a big day ahead of me. As a nurse, it's really important that when I'm working I need to be laser-focused and alert. Over the years, I've found that a blend does that well. I also love that it's grown in the USA. There are a lot of fishy supplements out there from overseas and I feel confident that I can trust this brand. Will buy again.
— Holly
Best Mushroom Blend Out There! Must Try!
I have tried a few of the mushroom blends out there and this one is by far the best. Organic, made in the US (unlike most), and the company actually gives back to the planet!

I like adding it to my protein shake in the morning or mixing it in with my coffee. I can definitely tell it makes me more focused and love the other health and gut benefits.

I will be purchasing again and again.
— Andrew Healy